Flow of Service

Order to delivery


Please fill out the interview sheet with your detailed requests for creating a website. Download the interview sheet from here.

After filling it out, attach the sheet to our contact form and send. We will get back to you within two business days.

Online meeting

We will schedule an online meeting with you for about an hour based on the interview sheet you filled out. And review, align schedules, costs and confirm contents.

What to prepare: 
-Interview sheet
-Content texts, images etc. that you plan to have in the website (text, images, logos, etc.)
*We can also create it at Coweb. Please refer to Pricing
Quotation and Contract

We will send you a quote. If you are comfortable to proceed, please give us a GO sign through email or message.

Please transfer half of the initial fee. After confirming the payment, the production work will start.

Construction begins

We will tell you the schedule in advance, but it will usually take about two weeks to deliver the first design.

Details of the construction

  • Create and check wireframes based on the content and materials we receive.
  • Site design and production work. If necessary, create logos and materials.
  • Translation work and checking the direction of the multilingual site (with translator)
  • Site design and production work (multilingual version)

Check your website and let us know for revisions. Only one major change is allowed. Wording adjustments and minor changes can be done within the production period.


Publish the website. We will also schedule a hour long lecture of how to use the website.


Please make a bank transfer (except for the initiation fee).