About us

Coweb is a website creation service created by Junko and Mariko who live and work on Ogijima, an island in the Seto Inland Sea in Japan.

Junko Nukaga


Web design

Junko became a freelance designer and established nuuno in 2007. She works mainly on web design, planning and color design, mobile phone websites, web creation using CMS. Prior to becoming a freelancer, Junko worked as a designer/ director at web development company after graduating from Osaka University of Arts. She was in charge of building websites for large companies, and content production for mobile carriers etc.

Along with website creation, Junko has worked as a web design and color coordinator training instructor for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s Emergency Human Resources Development Project Fund, and is also an instructor of Adobe applications and a seminar instructor.

Junko is strong with creating beautiful designs, and values planning and hearing to pickup what the client wants and what effects are.

Writer of ‘Introductory textbook of WordPress‘, and writing series at magazine ‘Setouchi Style‘ ‘Everyone’s Library‘ about life on Ogijima.

History of WordPress

  • WordPress core contributor
  • WordPress Japanese contributor
  • WordPress plugin directory theme author
  • WordCamp Kansai 2014 lead organizer
  • WordCamp Tokyo 2015 – 2019 speaker
  • WordPress Global Community Team Deputy
  • WordCamp Ogijima 2018 Sub-lead organizer
  • WordCamp Ogijima 2020 Lead organizer

Mariko Nishikawa

Project management, coordination with translation partners, content planning and management

Mariko spent her childhood abroad. After graduating from university, she worked for a foreign PR firm for five years in Tokyo. She was primarily responsible for corporate PR of foreign companies in Japan. She later moved to Bangkok, Thailand with her husband, who was a WordPress web engineer, where she began her career as a writer and editor for corporate media blogs in Japan. She also has experience with website content planning and operation. In 2016, she moved to Ogi Island with her husband and three children.

History of WordPress

Landing page creation and blogging for almost 10 years

  • WordCamp Ogijima 2018 organizer
  • WordCamp Ogijima 2020 organizer


Ogijima Library
Website of the private library on Ogijima. The website posts information on the operation of the library, event announcements, and the library’s book search system.
Language:Japanese, English
‘Ogijima, Future Education’ Project
Website of a team of parents from Ogijima who are working on a new form of education.
Language:Japanese, English
Website of incorporated association Nagikara. Nagikara is a town located in Katsuta District, Okayama Prefecture, and the association is a designated corporation by the town working to revitalize the society.
Kihara offers a range of library equipment and supplies. Includes a company profile, product search and catalog requests that can be found on website.
Website of Academic Resource Guide, Inc.
enPiT AiBiC
Website of enPiT, a network for practical education in collaboration with industry and academia that trains advanced IT personnels.
AiBiC Spiral
The website for the educational project of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (enPiT AiBiC) in the field of Big Data and AI, “Development of human resources for problem solving using Big Data, AI and cloud technology”.
Kiso’s website of life and writing tools.
LET research laboratory of Kyoto University
The website of LET (Learning and Educational Technologies) research organized by Ogata Laboratory, Kyoto University.