Web analysis and support

A website is not complete once it is created. What’s important is to operate, update and maintain it after it’s created.

What is web management?

What steps are neede after publishing a web?

1. Additions, corrections and updates to content

A website is an important promotional tool that connects the site owner with the customer. Your website can bring in inquiries and change your customers’ impressions of you. Review your website in a timely manner and manage it properly.

Depending on the circumstances of your business, you may want to fix or add information to your website. WordPress is a *CMS that can be easily managed by yourself with a little effort. Coweb is happy to take care of these updates for you. Please contact us if you need it.

*Content Management System: A web software that allows you to build, manage, and update your website without much knowledge to web system.

2. Analyze data on how people are coming in -> improve

There are many ways for people to visit your site, including Google, Yahoo! Search, links from other sites and social networking sites.etc By incorporating Google Analytics into your website, you can see who is visiting your website and how they came to your site. Our optional web analysis and support will analyzes your data and report on how you can improve your website to reach your goals.

We can suggest improvements to fit your service. For instance, a website that is mainly designed to attract inquiries and customers, and a corporate website that is mainly designed to transmit information, the analysis and improvement measures are different.